The Roland JP8000 Polar is back home where she belongs. a huge thanks goes to Jeff Toman of Custom amazing repro screen print for the top details. great re spray finish. all parts stripped and cleaned. its pretty much like what it would be like to pick one up today.

i have been asked a fair few times about using hardware in an age where we are all using vst and sample libs for our resource pool. i would say its mainly a tool and means to drive inspiration. 

Hardware is a wonderful distraction from a GUI on a PC screen and having such hands on feel with the JP the Moog and the Virus? well it kinda just reunites you with instruments. with music on a base level of discovery.

it all puts the fun back into creation. is it hard to push this tech into 2013?

well not so much. ok setting up and recall can be a longer process. but you take what you need. you dont need to run hardware only sessions and tie yourself up in knots. just grab the magic it brings and steal a riff, a pad sound, a bass,drum etc and run. its very good for your soul to be back in charge that much i can tell you